Alert for possible wrong work type

can we create Team notification to engineer who has possibly set wrong work type based on keyword find in ticket notes. for exmaple

email sent to customer work type should be communication where in notes will have “Hi” and “Hello” word but user might have selected other work type

I have seen where techs will do some work and communicate with the client and it will all go in as one time entry of remote support.


Hi client,

I fixed your Outlook client and left you a voicemail. Please reach out if you need anything further.


  • Logged onto computer
  • Saw issue with Outlook
  • Performed black magic to solve issue
  • Confirmed it is working by closing and reopening Outlook
  • Called client and left voicemail.

We can create a widget first, then keep tweaking the filters to filter out as many as false positives, but it will never be 100% for the bot to fully understand the time entry notes even we involve some Natual Language Processing AI.

We can word the message to something like: “You MIGHT set the wrong work type…”. the bot is doing more of a reminding for tech to double-check.