[Bot Request] {Duplicate} Client Responded Ticket Alert

Summary: Bot to report on tickets that have been responded to by a client and that have not been addressed in X amount of minutes or hours

What problem/s will this bot fix? This will hopefully help make our team more aware of tickets that clients have responded to but we have not yet responded back to them to provide better customer service.

Is there any report that you are using today to indentify this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If Ticket is in status “Client Responded”, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - specific users

Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Dear , Ticket Number <> has been responded to by the client and has not yet been responded back to

   What should the message recipient/s do? Please respond back to the client ASAP

   Why should they do it? THis will provide our customers with the quickest response and best support available

Name you to suggest for this bot: Client Responded without Support Response

Description of this bot: This bot will notify techs of tickets that the client has responded to that we have not yet provided a response back to.

Priority: Medium

Hi @Kris_Groeneveld
Thanks for submitting this request! I’ll share this with the team and reach out to you if there are any updates.

I would add into the bot the option to reply to it which will email the client with the reply.
This way the tech can easily state. I will schedule this for 2pm today or something without having to open the ticket and actively work on it right away.

@NB_Diga, currently, we are focusing on the trigger(Something happened), alert (Someone alerted), and escalation (Like most alerts, a human can choose to ignore it, need the escalation to ensure the accountability ). This request will be too complicated to fit into our current bot engine.

With that said, we are working on the fully customizable bot engine that works like the Microsoft Power Automate, which means that end-users like you can just drag and drop to define the process and automate some part of it, ETA of the beta version to be delivered in Q1/2020.

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Hi @Kris_Groeneveld

Your request has been included in our Product Roadmap.
The internal ticket is MB-4135. Currently, we do not have an ETA. But we’ll continue to reach out as soon as we get updates from the Dev team.