[Bot Request] {In Backlog} Ticket Closure QA - Subtype/ Item

Summary: SubType/Item not selected

What problem/s will this bot fix? Prevents staff from having to report on and update these en masse, gives us better reporting long term

Is there any report that you are using today to indentify this problem? yes

Where is the report located? Connectwise search Subtype

When should this bot be triggered? If ticket is in closed or resolved status, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - specific users

Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Hi ,
It appears that you forgot to update the Subtype/Item before closing ticket

   What should the message recipient/s do? Please jump back into the ticket and choose the appropriate Subtype/Item for this issue.

   Why should they do it? This helps us identify workload in various departments, and where additional training/staffing may be needed.

Name you to suggest for this bot: Subtype/Item Check

Description of this bot: This bot reminds techs to select the appropriate Subtype/Item for a ticket.

Priority: Medium

Hi @jmarenger,

Thank you for your suggestion on a new bot!

This has been looked into by the Product team and they will be endorsing this to the Dev team for development. Ticket number for this is MB-5038.

We do not have an ETC on this, but rest assured that we will keep you in the loop for any significant updates.

Thank you,



Hi Jeff,

We have an existing bot called “Ticket QA Closure” that is very close to what you need. You will find it’s details in this link:

We will be releasing Bot 3.0 in a couple of week. It is our new bot engine that will allow users such as yourself the flexibility to customize our existing bot templates, we can help you design to fit your need.