[Bot Request] {More Information Needed} Completed Ticket QA Prompter

Summary: QA feature to send check results based on status other than “Closed”. We use a two stage close and would like the ability to have a status of “Completed” trigger the bot alert and QA check.

What problem/s will this bot fix? allows for two stage closure of tickets in environments where technicians do not have the final close on a ticket.

Is there any report that you are using today to indentify this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If status is Complete, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - specific users

Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? should mirror Closed status QA message

   What should the message recipient/s do? Check your type subtype and item as well as Work types on time entry

   Why should they do it? This will allow us to collect accurate data related to ticket Types and Configuration

Name you to suggest for this bot: Completed ticket Quality Assurance

Description of this bot: This bot reminds techs to fill out all aspects of a Connectwise Manage ticket prior to the two stage close

Priority: Medium

Hi Jeff,

We have an existing bot called “Ticket QA Closure”. You will find it’s details in this link:

We will be releasing Bot 3.0 in a couple of week. It is our new bot engine that will allow flexibility in customizing our existing bot templates.