Dataset for Automate Ticket Creation

Want to have a view created for tickets that were auto created in Automate so that I can create a Count Widget that has a condition that shows Automate Tickets still in “New” status.

@David_Smith , could you please have a more detailed design to help us identify the data, and logic about what you are trying to achieve? From what you have posted, I am sure that we can make it happen as long as we have detailed data fields and logic described.

Something like this:

When a Connectwise manage ticket was auto-created by automate (which can be identical if the data field XXXX in the ticket is XXXXX) and also the ticket status is “new”, I need a widget to count the number of the ticket.

As long as we can get those XXX defined, it should be a 10-15 minutes job to get this created. You can also engage with our concierge service to have a call to review the detailed design.