Datto Integration and available Datasets

Datto integration seems to be missing a few datasets such as Application, Disk, and Alerts. Are these expected anytime soon?

Hi Aarin:
We are developing the datasets as needed bases since they will take computing resources if we don’t have the widgets or bots to use those datasets. Let us know if you have needed for the datasets, we typically can add them in a couple of days.

I do indeed. Not a rush to get them, but would like to start doing some more in depth monitoring. Since I cant clone myself I would like to create alerts to get my eyes on key events without having to dig.

Since we don’t have in-house expertise about the Datto RMM, we will need your help to identify the required datasets, we can review them together, but you can find the information from this link, looks like they are the available data from Datto RMM, if those data make sense to you, we can get those data into MSPbots datasets in about 2-3 days.