[General Feature] Add Model column to "Count of Mac Devices" widget

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Summary: Add Model column to “Count of Mac Devices” widget.

Description: Allow us to view MAC devices by model and preferably, also by OS. If possible, pull in supportability matrix and create alerts when a specific OS has gone unsupported/insecure and an updates OS is not available for that model type.

Why: We currently don’t know if a particular model of Mac supports the latest OS and/or if the OS it’s running is considered insecure or unsupportable. There’s a matrix online via third party and we’d like to be able to reflect this in the widget or a dashboard (not 100% up to date on the Bots capabilities, but likely a BOT to handle the alerting side of this). You can look here for an example of what we’d like to measure against for our supported devices. https://eshop.macsales.com/guides/Mac_OS_X_Compatibility

Priority: Medium

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