[General Feature] Automate dataset

Summary: Automate dataset

Description: Hello!

When I look under most of my integrations, I don’t see any datasets. Is this normal or just in development? I specifically am looking for Connectwise Automate information.

Why: Just wondering right now.

Priority: Medium

Hi Ben,

At this time, while having the API developed, we haven’t spent the time developing datasets/widgets/reports/bots/apps for CW Automate and other integrations where you aren’t seeing any dataset under the Integrations list.

Our current efforts are with ConnectWise Manage.
We are continuously hiring to increase the number of our Developers while at the same time pushing the completion of CW Manage development so that we could move forward with other Integrations.

We do however work in close collaboration with MSPs who are using both ConnectWise Manage and Brightgauge such as yourself. We put them in our VIP program, running a project to switch them over from BrightGuage to us, plus work on other integrations that you are interested in depending on the scope.

We’ve in fact successfully switched over an MSP with the above-mentioned condition, and we are now developing the integration for Continuum which was originally far down our product roadmap.

If you could join us in a 45-minute demo, we could talk more about your needs, the problems you wish to solve using MSPbots, then formulate a suitable approach.
Book a meeting with our CEO here.