[General Feature] automate on premise

Summary: automate on premise

Description: went through setting up automate and it didn’t work. Am guessing that’s because its for the CW hosted version

Why: would love to come along with the displacement of brightgauge but would need metrics from automate

Priority: Medium

Hi Sean,

Welcome to the MSPbots community!

I’m Leonard, one of the product owners in MSPbots.

Aside from displacing of BrightGauge, we’d love to hear more about your ultimate objectives for having to look for a product such as ours, and how we can help you realize the value we can bring to your business.

Daniel sent you an email a couple of weeks back about the first few steps to getting things moving.

  • Need your help to spend about 15-20 minutes to list the most used or valuable Brighgauge gauges that you are using every day, send them to us, and also set up Brightgauge access for our data analyst. ~ include the ones you need for Automate.
  • After we get those, we will duplicate those widgets, do the data verification.
  • Once you verify the gauges are working fine means the data is accurate. We want to work with you to develop the bots to monitoring and alerting employees when those gauges turn red or yellow.
  • The goal is to use bots to work with employees to keep those important gauges always green, reduce the number of problems automatically without management spend too much time.

We carefully select the MSPs we work with, we view yours as a valuable use case. We will do our best to deliver to your expectation as having you “co-develop” will help us push our product to its maturity and out of beta. I encourage you to book a meeting with us so we could have a meaningful conversation about this collaboration.