[General Feature] Being able to set the sort field by default for each widget

Summary: Being able to set the sort field by default for each widget

Description: When clicking on a widget to drill down to the data it would be nice if we could set the default sort order to something we can choose.

Why: Our techs use the drill down to see what tickets are the priority based on when they were entered, currently they would have to click on the date entered to have it sort that way and it gets missed so newer tickets are getting worked before older ones.

Priority: Medium

@Gerry_Uhri , most of the widgets should have that default sorting setting already, if you can post the screenshots of the widgets, we should be able to show you where it is, if we don’t have one, it could be a new feature request. Thanks!

When clicking on a Number Widget the data comes out randomly. If you click on the column it will then sort by that column.
We would like it so we can set the Column to sort by by default so it is not dependent on the tech having to remember to click on it.
For some of the widgets we want our techs to work tickets based on the order and can’t do that if we cannot control how it is being sorted.

From what I have heard this is only a Number Widget issue? We had this functionality in Brightgauge