[General Feature] Bots - View the applied settings within Design

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Summary: Bots - View the applied settings within Design

Description: When looking at a Bot, I would like a way to view the applied settings within Design without clicking on Design. A settings overview within the bots Details tab would be ideal.

Why: It’s important because I’ve found that even just clicking Design when a bot is active and alerting can break the bot. A view into the applied settings within the Details tab makes more sense than having to click Design just to see what settings are applied in the first place.

Priority: Low

Hi Dan,
Thank you for reaching out.
We’ve reviewed your request and it’ll fall under “Feature” request. To set your expectation, your request will go through the process of review/approval for development/development and release with no ETA. Rest assured that our team will immediately work on this once approved. To monitor the progress of your request, I’ve created a ticket HELP-9422 and you may view it here: https://support.mspbots.ai/


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