[General Feature] Implement "NOT Any" Style Group Comparator for Widget Filtering

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Summary: Implement “NOT Any” Style Group Comparator for Widget Filtering

Description: I would like to see a comparator that allows for group negation comparison. This can be done currently by subtracting the total of some dataset by the filtered ANY count, but this does not work for drilling down.


id friendly_name software
1 PC1 Adobe Acrobat
1 PC1 BitDefender
1 PC1 VSCode
2 PC2 Adobe Acrobat
2 PC2 BitDefender
2 PC2 VSCode
3 PC3 Adobe Acrobat
3 PC3 Greenshot
3 PC3 VSCode
4 PC4 Bluebeam
4 PC4 Greenshot
4 PC4 VSCode

Given the following dataset, I would like to return only the device(s) that do NOT have an entry for BitDefender. In this case, I would expect a return of the columns for PC3 and PC4 only.

MySQL Equivalent:

    DISTINCT id,
    GROUP_CONCAT(software) AS SoftwareList
FROM software_table
HAVING SoftwareList NOT LIKE '%BitDefender%'

Why: Being able to filter based on what is "missing" from a table should be just as important as what is not "missing".
Priority: Medium

Hi Stephen,
Thank you for reaching out.
I’ve created a ticket (HELP-7327) and I’ll be tagging your request as “backlog”. Just setting your expectation, this feature will be reviewed, approved for development and eventually released or published. To monitor your request, you may sign-in here (https://support.mspbots.ai/) to view your ticket (HELP-7327).



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