[General Feature] Improve the UI for report editing

Summary: Improve the UI for report editing.

Description: Per MSPBots support, currently if you want to add a new widget to a report, the only options are to add the widget to the bottom, which may not make sense if you are trying to group your RMM and PSA data, or you remove all widgets up until the point you want to add your new widgets, then re-add all of the old widgets.

Why: Being able to edit and move widgets around on a report should be a basic function. If I want to add a new widget and have it be at the top of the report, I have to remove all other widgets so that I can get the new one in the correct spot, then have to rebuild the rest of the report , adding all of the original widgets back.

Priority: Medium

Hi Aaron,
I will escalate this feature request to the dev team, if it is not there already, it should be an easy fix. We will keep you updated.