[General Feature] Real Time Module for Kaseya BMS Tickets

Summary: Real Time Module for Kaseya BMS Tickets

Description: I am finding a need to have real-time ticket data from kaseya bms for the purpose of time-sensitive alerting.

Why: It would be beneficial but is not more important than next ticket or web hooks for BMS.

Priority: Medium


I took a quick look at the BMS API, but I didn’t find any information about whether they have a WebSocket API or webhooks: Kaseya BMS Rest API

For the next ticket, since it is triggered by technicians type “NT” in teams, which we will then pull the data from their API, so it doesn’t matter.

But for real-time ticket alerts, we need to rely on some kind of WebSocket or webhook API for Kaseya BMS to push the data to us, otherwise, we can only pull the data every 2-3 minutes from BMS to see if there is anything new there.

If you have any connections from BMS dev team to help us get more information about access of the Websocket or Webhooks, that will be great!