KPI for Technicians

How many KPIs that you are using for your technicians? We are working on developing a Dashboard for Technicians, the idea is to collect all KPIs on one page and then use bots to help technicians to maintain those KPIs in green.

In the traditional situation, you can’t track too many performance indicators, the managers will not have time to read all of them, with MSPbots, the bots can track as many indicators as you want and help employees to form a good habit to make them all green.

A soap starter:

All these numbers have Daily, weekly, and monthly numbers.

  • Utilization
  • First Touch Resolution rate
  • NPS
  • Number of Closed tickets
  • Next ticket usage

Company policy, minor performance indicators:

Time entry:

  • Time entry has no agreement included while the client has an agreement
  • Percentage of time entries that are in real-time
  • Percentage of overlapped time entry
  • Ticket left in the “in-progress” status after hours

Please let me know what else the reports or numbers that you are used to evaluating the technician’s performance?

Average Time on the ticket.

@NB_Diga, average time on the ticket, can you give us more details,

how exactly that you want the number to be calculated?
What’s the green, yellow and red range for this KPI?
What do you want to tell the user why they receive the message and what to do if the number becomes yellow or red?

For ConnectWise user, we have our first version of the utilization report released, combined with tech stats reviewer bot and attendance, the bot will send the utilization info in realtime when use going to break, lunch, out and 10 minutes before their scheduled off time, with those reminding, we already see the tech utilization numbers are increasing.

Get the reports here:

I have about 13 KPI for the technicians as a whole, as sometimes it can be to much to manage each users individual dashboard. I typically look at the above, plus tickets that might need an update, have breached in some way, kill rate, CSAT scores. I find sometimes it even helps when training employees to give a visual and drill down so they can see the tickets and walk through why they arent meeting certain key metrics.