MSPbots --AI? Next Ticket --AI?

Why do you call mspbots AI? There is no real AI as of now anyway, only machine learning but from what I have seen there is none of that either. We have one person who is constantly changing settings for which ticket “next ticket” offers up – if it is AI then it should do that all by itself. Instead, we spend half our day rejecting tickets and work less on tickets than we did before.

Hi @Chrono_Raines , I think there is a misunderstanding about how the Next ticket should be used, if your techs need to reject a lot of tickets, that means the next ticket rules are set up incorrectly.

As for using the AI, each MSP has different rules to dispatch the ticket, it is hard to train AI if the rules are all different for each MSP, and their PSA is all set up somewhat differently too.

I already asked our account manager to reach out to you to schedule another session to see if we can help you set up the next ticket rules differently based on the rejected tickets so your tech don’t need to reject tickets that often anymore.