[New Bot] Mismatched agreement in time entries bot

Summary: Mismatched agreement in time entries bot

What problem/s will this bot address? We have service boards and agreements that align with different business units (departments) in CWM.
it’s important that the correct agreement is selected on a ticket and time entries to align with the board it is on, so that time is allocated correctly and to reduce billing errors. Sometimes when a ticket is moved between boards, the agreement does not get updated, and the time entries end up with the wrong agreement on them.
For example, say we have Departments Hardware & Software, then we have Hardware service board & Software service board. The service boards are created associated with department. Then each customer has a Hardware agreement and a software agreement, and each agreement is associated with and restricted to that department.
What I want the bot to do is identify when a time entry is on a ticket that is on the hardware board but has agreement that is for department software

Is there any dashboard that you are using today to address this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If whena new time entry is created, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - Specific User/s

Details of the message to be sent if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Dear the time entry you just created on ticket ### seems to have an incorrect agreement. The ticket is under department xxxxx, but the agreement is under department xxxxx

   What should the recipient be asked to do? Please check the ticket to make sure that the ticket is on the correct board, with the correct agreement, and then check the time entry has the same agreement

   Why should the recipient do it? Because this will ensure more accurate billing and few billing errors, which helps to keep our customers happier!

Suggest a name for this bot: Mismatched agreement in time entries bot

Description of this bot: This bot reminds techs who may have the wrong agreement on a ticket or time entry

Priority: Medium

While not the same need, we do have a need for agreements to be filled in (correctly would be great). I would be happy with the ConnectWise Manage Ticket Closure QA bot messaging the team stating the agreement is blank.