[New Bot] Project Bot

Summary: Project Bot

What problem/s will this bot address? A Bot to watch projects for missing time, budget hours exceeded, not completed by end date, etc

Is there any report that you are using today to address this problem? no

When should this bot be triggered? If missing time, budget hours exceeded, not completed by end date, then send a message.

Where do you want to send the message? Teams - Specific User/s

Details of the message to be sent if the bot is triggered:

   What happened? Dear firstname you have triggered a project process violation

   What should the recipient be asked to do? Please Enter Time, Update Project, Close out project

   Why should the recipient do it? Keeping projects up to date increases customer satisfaction, communication, and a healthy workflow.

Suggest a name for this bot: Project Bot

Description of this bot: This Bot/s monitor project events.

Priority: Medium

Hi Aarin:
We have the following dataset about the ConnectWise projects already, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to create the widgets to report on the missing time, budgets hour exceeded, etc. Without said, our data analyst will need your help to verify the logic since they are not ConnectWise users. We can review this request in a private meeting to get this developed.

You can spend some time by clicking those Datasets (mspbots.ai) to get familiar with the data we have since we will need your help to understand the logic. Thanks!