[New Feature Request] 20-minute Rule Bot

When a user exceeds 20 minutes working on a ticket, a bot will send a message informing the user to post a status update and seek help, if needed, to the Ticket Discussion channel.

Is this bot useful to you too? Let us know!

This would be helpful. The time should be a variable that different companies can set. We would probably set it to 30 minutes.

@Jeff_Koettel, there is a bot called "Ticket Long “In Progress” Verifier " that kind of doing this already, please give it a try and let us know if there is anything we need to improve it.



Hi @Jeff_Koettel,

Wanted to ask if you find the "Ticket Long “In Progress” Verifier " helpful with your workflow?
If not let us know what is missing or what additional features in the bots would help you with this specific task.

Thank you,