[New Feature Request] Ability to Filter Bots by NEW

As we are starting to have more and more bots it would be great to have the ability to see just newly added bots so we can see what bots are still marked as new. And one they’ve been seen then it can make them as not new any longer.

And perhaps we can add a row highlight color for new as well. So if we are just browsing the list we can see what is new and one we click the row the highlight goes away.

We are planning to add release date field for each bots, so we can sort by the release date.

Release date is fine. But that doesn’t necessarily help me know if I’ve seen it yet. So still consider roe highlighting or marking a new symbol on the name or something until you’ve viewed the settings.

I see. We can compare the user’s last page visit of the bot page, see if there is anything new after that, then high light the new bots there.

And we will also publish new bots in the forum post, so people can subscribe for the new bot release alerts email to get notified.

Hi @Stephen_Monk

Your request has been included in our Product Roadmap.
The internal ticket is MB-4116. Currently, we do not have an ETA. but we’ll continue to reach out as soon as we get updates from the Dev team.