[New Feature Request] Ability to Set Work Types or Other Fields As-Needed

Some of the bots are based on a ticket not being a particular worktype (like after hours). However there are no ways to match up what types we want to alert on. We should be able to set that if the ticket is based on a particular field in the environment that may be different from other environments.

We can add more filters for each bot, but it is time-consuming and there are so many different causes for different companies. So we are working on a universal filter system for all bots, the end-user can select whatever the filters that they want to filter.

We are updating our roadmap to put that into the design and get it deployed by the end of Q3.

Hi @Stephen_Monk,

Before we can move forward with your New Feature request.
May we ask if you could provide us the following information listed below? As our Dev team would require the details to complete the New feature request.

  • What’s the type of the new feature request? (Bot or Reports)

  • The integration/function area that this feature request is related to

  • Summary of the request

  • What problem/s will this bot fix?

  • Is there any report that you are using today to identify this problem? [Yes / No]

  • When should this bot be triggered?

    • If , then send a message. *(e.g., it’s 4:50PM on weekdays, it’s 10 minutes before techs’ clock-out time, a new time entry is created, a ticket is closed, etc.)
  • Where do you want to send the message?

  • Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered

    • What happened?
      (e.g., Dear , you forgot to add the Next Steps in your time entry.)
    • What should the message recipient/s do?
      (e.g., Please add the Next Steps in your time entry as soon as possible.)
    • Why should they do it?
      (e.g., Writing the Next Steps will help the next tech to resolve the ticket faster.)
  • Name you to suggest for this bot

  • Description of this bot

  • Priority