[New Feature Request] Additional Customization for Ticket Closure QA Bot

Add additional customization to Ticket Closure QA bot that will allow admins to disable certain requirements like “Configuration.”

Agreed. We use configurations. However subtypes is an issue since we dont have that used as much.

@NB_Diga, thanks for your feedback. We’ve received similar requests. We’ll see if this feature request gets enough votes.

@NB_Diga, so if we add a checkbox in the setting screen, allow the user to select which item the bot will check, will that be good for you? Thanks!

Yes. That would be perfect. This would allow us to adjust the bot based on the workflow of our company.

Hi @NB_Diga,
Good news! This request has earned enough votes to be endorsed for development next week. We’ll keep you updated with the progress!

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Can this also apply to the “Provides the user’s QA check results before his shift ends”?

Hi @NB_Diga,

Do you mean have this feature be available in the “Tech Stats Reviewer” bot as well?
Thanks, Krizza

Yes. That will help as an end of day tech review for them to fix any item they may not have adjusted during the day.

Thank You

Additional suggestions for this bot:

  1. Ability to specify which Board this bot to run in.
    EX. When I close out Project Tickets via the Project Board, I get bombarded with an alert for each ticket closed since it’s missing all 3 things (config, type, and subtype). We do not use any of those in project tickets.
  2. Ability to get the bot alert when ticket Status is changed to “Completed” vs “Closed”.
    EX. Technicians with us are only allowed to Complete tickets. Service Coordinator QA’s them, then changes to Closed or Closed No Survey.If they get alerted for missing any of the 3 fields, they can fix before they’re reviewed by a human. We’d spend less time doing that also or be able to eliminate the human QA process.

Hi @NB_Diga,

I’ll add this to the request. We will update you as soon as our Development Team have completed your New feature request for the QA Bot. Thank you.


Thank you for your suggestion. I think this additional feature would also help our other clients who uses MSPbots. We’ll include this in the request and send it over to our Development team.
Have a great day.

Hi @Jessica_Rodriguez, @NB_Diga, and @MZalusky

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion on how to improve our QA bots.
For Ticket Closure QA and Ticket Closure QA - Schedule Check, it now has two additional parameters (Board and Status).
Kindly go to the Bot tab, click the edit function for the respective Bots and verify if you are able to see the new features.

Thank you,

Thank You.
2 Questions.

  1. What is the difference between ticket closure QA and Ticket Closure QA - Schedule check?
  2. We need the option to select what its checking for before alerting. In our company, we don’t use subtypes. I want a message if there is no “Type” set but no message if “Subtype” isn’t set.

Hi @NB_Diga

The Ticket QA Bot, Sends the results of a QA check to users whenever a ticket is closed. While the Ticket Closure QA - Schedule check gives the admin flexibility to set the time on when the bot will send out the results of a QA check to users whenever a ticket is closed before the end of their shift. For the 2nd item let me coordinate this with the time. I will get back to you as soon as I receive any updates from the Dev team.

Have a great day,

Hi @NB_Diga,

I apologize for the long wait. This is to inform you that we have added “type” and “Subtype” parameter in the 2 QA bots. Let me know if you are able to see the changes on your end. And that the functions are also working on your end.

Thank you,