[New Feature Request] Reminding Assigned Resources of Accountability

When a ticket Status is “Completed by Technician”, but there are Open Tasks on the ticket, a bot will send a reminder to the user to go back into the ticket and complete all the tasks.

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What’s the type of the new feature request? (Bot or Reports)
This would be a Bot

The integration/function area that this feature request is related to:
Service Tickets

Summary of the request:
Reminding Assigned Resources of Pending Tasks to complete

What problem/s will this bot fix?
Technicians can mark a ticket Completed by Technician which kicks the ticket to a Quality Control Process (performed by another individual). This Bot would remind the Tech to address any Tasks that were not completed instead of the Quality Control person returning the ticket.

Is there any report that you are using today to identify this problem?
Yes – we have a ConnectWise Workflow Rule that sends an email to the Quality Control personnel (based on the status: Completed by Technician) that includes information on whether or not there are open tasks.

When should this bot be triggered?
If the ticket is in status: Completed by Technician and/or status: To Be Closed, AND tasks still open, send a message to the Assigned Resources.

Where do you want to send the message?
Send to Assigned Resources AND Manager

Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered
{USER_FIRSTNAME} , the ticket {TICKET_ID} status is {completedByTechnician or ToBeClosed}, but Tasks are still open. Please go back to the ticket and review the Open Tasks

Name you to suggest for this bot
Ticket Open Task Prompter

Description of this bot
Reminds the user to complete Tasks if a ticket is in a specific status.


Hi @Stephen_Monk

Your request has been included in our Product Roadmap.
The internal ticket is MB-4121. Currently, we do not have an ETA. but we’ll continue to reach out as soon as we get updates from the Dev team.