[New Feature Request] Ticket Closure QA Bot Modification

This bot provides us the type, subtype, and configuration of the ticket. Please allow admins to edit if we require subtypes on the ticket or not.

Any thoughts?

The one we typically fail is the configuration item. The bot assumes that their is one and that is not often the case. We always have subtypes for a type, so that doesn’t bother us. When would you just have a Type and note a Subtype to go with it?

Maybe allow admins to edit if certain Types require a Subtype.
Not all tickets require a Subtype.


The logic as we discussed: If there is no subtype under a certain type, don’t display the error message for the no subtype.

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@Stephen_Monk, can you elaborate the request a little bit more?

Trying to understand if you want the configuration optional? If so, when a ticket doesn’t need configuration? If we can clearly define it, then we can try to program it. Thanks!

Hi @Stephen_Monk

Your request has been included in our Product Roadmap.
The internal ticket is MB-4067. Currently, we do not have an ETA. but we’ll continue to reach out as soon as we get updates from the Dev team.

Hi @Jessica_Rodriguez and @Stephen_Monk,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion on how to improve our QA bots.
For Ticket Closure QA and Ticket Closure QA - Schedule Check, it now has two additional parameters (Board and Status).
Kindly go to the Bot tab, click the edit function for the respective Bots and verify if you are able to see the new features.

Thank you,