[New Feature Request] Tickets in Assigned Status for too long

When a ticket status is “Assigned” for more than 3 consecutive business hours, a bot reminder will be sent to both the user and the Dispatch channel (however you call it in your company) to address the ticket within the next hour.

Need your help in getting this developed. If your company needs this too, please vote!

What’s the type of the new feature request? (Bot or Reports)
This would be a Bot

The integration/function area that this feature request is related to:
Service Tickets

Summary of the request:
Reminding Assigned Resources of a specific status (Assigned)

What problem/s will this bot fix?
Technicians occasionally get behind and miss email notifications for new tickets that were assigned to them. This Bot would remind the Tech that a ticket was assigned, and alert our Dispatch team that a ticket hasn’t been worked yet.

Is there any report that you are using today to identify this problem?
No report. We just watch the Service Boards for tickets that are in status Assigned for too long (4 hours). The ConnectWise Workflow rules are too tricky.

When should this bot be triggered?
If the ticket is in status: Assigned for more than 3 Business Hours.

Where do you want to send the message?
Send to Assigned Resources AND a specific channel in Teams.

Parts of the message to send if the bot is triggered
{USER_FIRSTNAME}, the ticket [{TICKET_ID}] has been in status: Assigned for more than 3 hours. Please review this ticket before we miss internal SLA.

Name you to suggest for this bot
Ticket in Assigned Status for 3+ hours

Description of this bot
Reminds the assigned resources and Dispatch Team that an Assigned ticket has not been addressed and internal SLA is in jeopardy.