[New Integration Request] Nilear

Anyone here using Nilear to monitor their staff if they are in/out, lunch, busy, free, in a meeting, on break or in Do Not Disturb mode?

Are there any reports that might be useful to you?

Yes if it can add in Lunch into CW automatically instead of t just displaying in nilear.

Hi, @NB_Diga! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please know that you can invite your colleagues and friends (with Office 365 accounts) to join in and vote! If you like this integration to be made possible, make your vote count! We’re switching the roadmap planning based on votes. The more votes a feature request gets, the sooner it will be delivered.

@NB_Diga, we are able to add the link to CW for any tickets, company, contacts, time entry to the reports or bots, let us know if there is any specific link that you want us to add it, if you can share the URL and a screenshot, that will be helpful.


Can you send a screenshot of what you are referring to?
It will clarify it for anyone else reading this post and make sure that I am looking at the same section as you are.

Thank You