Peer group functions design

You are all current MSPbots clients and in the same peer group. I talked with some of you about more collaboration within the peer group, also a couple of other peer groups, since we have other peer groups are collaborating together using the MSPbots support team, here are a couple of situations that we want to help develop the software to handle them:

  1. You can create a peer group, invite people to join, and add/remove members.
  2. Share the dashboards, and bots created by members to other members so they can use the ones that you developed:
  3. One member worked with MSPbots to create the dashboards or bots, and demoed them to other members, if you are using the same integration, we can easily copy between peer groups.
  4. They divide the process mapping between members, so each can work with MSPbots to create the bots to improve certain areas, then share with all members.
  5. Create the standard score card, then each member share data with the peer group, so we can rank the KPI between the group, during the peer group meetings, the best KPI members share the experience so everyone can learn, also the worst KPI member share the experience so everyone can help.

Let me know what do you think.