PTO command in Teams MSPbots for Attendance APP

We will support PTO commands in Teams MSPbots where you can submit PTOs, edit and delete your PTO. Here is the design of MSPbots after inputting PTO on Teams, please feedback your ideas and suggestions.


We use a company Sharepoint calendar to track who’s out of office. Could MSPBots integrate with Sharepoint and create an entry on a Sharepoint calendar once PTO is approved?

Yes, SharePoint integration is on the roadmap, but no clear ETA yet, we are hiring more people to handle the evergrowing backlogs. :grinning:

This is really cool. I look forward to seeing this and other improvements to Attendance App. Here are my suggestions:

Instead of “PTO”, “Paid Time Off” I would suggest “TOR” (Time Off Request). This way it covers other areas of time off requests, instead of just PTO. If you add a dropdown for options such as “PTO, UTO (unpaid time off), WFH (work from home), ect.” to allow the user to choose what type of request they would like to request. We have users enter the work type and charge codes (in CW Manage) into their time sheets so that we can track time against our company policies. It would be nice to have those codes as part of the request form so that everyone can be on the same page.

@Justin_Bennett , Maybe we can accept TOR, PTO, UTO, and WFH as the input command, but ends up in the same window, add a couple of more buttons like Request PTO, Request UTO, Request WFH, or do you think the dropdown is better?

@James_Jiang , I think that we also missing a screen for the manager to review the request and approve them.

Workflow wise, I think the “Request” should be used. The bot would come back with “What would you like to request?” Then build a response with the list of sub options.

It would be great to have the requests as variables in a setup so that you can customize them in the way that fits your company. For example, some companies just use “PTO” for all paid time off, but other companies break out “PTO” and “Sick Time”.

@Justin_Bennett : do you mean leave code like this?

That certainly would work. I like the remaining time left too.

We are currently using for this Would be awesome to be able to replace it with an MSPbots feature.

In AttendanceBot we can specify key words for each time off request category. it makes it really simple to request pto like “pto 12/23/2022” in just one line. AB is not particularly helpful if it doesn’t understand the request, but that’s somewhat the nature of bots. I like @James_Jiang example above with a simple form to fill out in the event that the request matches a Leave keyword but the bot cannot process it, coming back with a form would be a really smooth way to handle error states.