Referral link Discount for those who use it

Some communities are a little adverse to stuff that comes off as advertising, so I’m not sure about using a referral link that I get a pay out from. If our links gave people who use them X% off their first bill, or $50 back for anyone who uses them to sign up it would feel a lot safer to provide people links in these MSP communities.

I would even be ok splitting the referral bounty 75/25% with someone who uses the link.

Also would it be possible to have the link go to so people we refer can actually look at the site and see what mspbots does, or has to offer instead of going right to the sign in sign up page?

That’s a good suggestion!
@James_Jiang , please review this, we should be able to do a $200 off coupon for the first bill for people who use the referral link to sign up, and please check to see if we can pass the referral code from to, and user can use both the referral coupon or referral link.