Release Notes 1.19


  • Fixed an issue wherein user’s in-progress status was not reflecting in the attendance board
  • Fixed “Server Internal Exception” error when users are entering their Autotask credentials


  • Resolved issues for users who were getting “Unknown Command” error when logging in via Teams app and receiving “You are not an administrator and failed to login” error when logging in through our website
  • Fixed issue to prevent disabled accounts from receiving messages from our bots
  • Fixed issue wherein bot message was showing NO configuration was set in ConnectWise even if there was a configuration set in ConnectWise
  • New alert trigger for “Attached Agreement Prompter” has been added
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of scores for the month in gamification
  • Fixed numbering error in escalation script
  • Updated wording on error message when a disabled user is trying to log in from “Your account is disabled, please ask help for your admin” to “Your account is disabled, please contact your administrator”


  • Updated step indicator color to red when getting an error with app synchronization in the Get Started Step 2. The step indicator number 2 is still in color green despite having connector error before the fix
  • Fixed issue wherein users got an error 404 when clicking “Report” when in the MSPbots app within MS Teams


  • Added client sign-up date and time in the “Client Usage Board” page
  • Fixed “In-Out” tab functionality in the attendance board and corrected inaccurate missing ConnectWise configuration alert
  • Fixed issue with alerts being sent out to techs with incorrect information about time spent on “x” ticket
  • Updated language selection in the homepage and other pages


  • Modified PC Miracles/TruMethods reports interface. User Management edit functionality is turned on.
  • Fixed multiple bot error messages
  • Improved TruMethods functionality
  • Solved ConnectWise sync error
  • Streamlined new sign-up default configuration
  • Fixed error in Client Usage Board
  • Updated task tracking capability of Tech Stats Reviewer bot


  • Fixed Attendance Bot error wherein users were incorrectly getting notifications that they are on break for more than 15 minutes
  • Fixed inaccurate time entry notifications from our bot
  • Fixed error wherein users were getting “Scheduled Ticket” notifications for old tickets
  • Updated bot switches to make sure “Alert” and “Enable” is switched off when “Enable” is also switched off


  • Fixed issue wherein QuickBooks data was not synchronized with time data
  • Fixed and traced where emails from “Bug Report” were being sent
  • Fixed related ticket hyperlink in Teams that showed “The hyperlink is not formatted correctly” when clicked
  • Fixed Ticket Resolution Prompter bot being triggered incorrectly
  • Added 30-second delay when putting in the analysis queue to ensure that the data can be synchronized at the same time until the analysis is performed. 30 seconds can be made configurable and can be readjusted if the time is not enough.
  • Fixed issue wherein there was no message ID to associate notification to a specific ticket
  • Fixed issue wherein Next Step Ticket Prompter bot was being triggered on tickets that are “Admin” or “Break” type
  • Fixed URLs that cannot contain “http://“ or “https://“
  • Fixed issue wherein deleted users were being displayed again


  • Fixed issue when mapping to connect user and entering QA & stats shows a prompt that says “You don’t have a ConnectWise user account”
  • Added “Admin” and “Break” in the Next Step Prompter
  • Configured “Forum” button in app to either link to KB page or Forum depending on which URL the user is in
  • Updated “How did you hear about us?” link in “Get Started” to sort data properly in “Client Detailed Info”
  • Added attribute action to mark each Time Entry when it is updated in the analysis queue
  • Stopped disabled users from appearing in the Work Schedule page
  • Fixed note resolution flag synchronization issue in Ticket Resolution Prompter
  • Analyzed newly created Time Entry Fixed to make sure it processes updated data
  • Fixed delayed message notification in Attendance
  • Fixed the 30-minute delay in ticket synchronization
  • Fixed Ticket Closure QA notification that says “No Configuration” even if it is set in ConnectWise
  • Fixed issue that triggers the Time Entry Prompter even if there is no time logged by the user


  • Included CRM field with options in the Get Started step 1
  • Masked Auth key in Contact Science configuration tab
  • Description field has been added in the Datasets tab
  • Resolved CW sync process to make sure that deleted user will be disabled in the App
  • Linked the Integrations tab in the Get Started Step 6 (Set-up connectors)


  • Resolved QuickBooks On-Premise sync to show “Last Sync Date” in the Client Detailed Info report
  • Fixed Next Step Prompter Bug report. As it was reported that the bot’s Alert switch was turned on. Set the default settings back to Enabled
  • Tech Stats Reviewer Bot Bug fixed to trigger messages when techs type in the command “Stats, break, lunch”
  • A client reported that the Overlapped TimeEntry Bot that was triggered due to a TimeOut issue on the user’s end. No issue found on the backend


  • Added description column in Dataset Management
  • Added ‘Dataset Add’ permission in Role Management
  • A Pop-up warning will now show when SuperAdmins make changes on non-MSP and non-ITS accounts
  • CW last sync detail visible in Client detailed info reports
  • PSA Status Setting in Bot tab, the default has been set to “In Progress”
  • Multiple selections are available in the “About your MSP” part in Get Started page


  • Added database indicator for Pivot and Data grid view
  • A Pop-up warning will now show when SuperAdmins make changes on non-MSP and non-ITS accounts
  • SuperAdmin profile view is reverted back to ‘Default’ when it deletes the Tenant
  • Modified Dataset option from “Data” to “View”
  • Included CW URL in Client Detailed Info report
  • Option to show integration function in Datasets tabs
  • Modified Integration status and sync status for Autotask
  • Bug report for “Next Step” tickets for Admin / Break. The triggered script was correct as the entry should just be Admin/Break since it was basing on the parameter
  • Bug report for a duplicate time entry report. Verified on the backend that the deleted TimeEntry has been synchronized to the database and triggered the script
  • Bug report for overbreak notification but was found that the logic was correct. The user was on break beyond the threshold
  • Modify the stats script to receive the parameter sync


  • Modified Integration and sync status for Autotask
  • Configured integrations to automatically display corresponding bots
  • Added option “Show all integrations” in the Bots page
  • Added RMM, CRM, and Autotask user count in the “clients detailed info” page
  • Updated sync status message color scheme to yellow if last sync is done beyond 24 hours
  • Fixed “PSA In-Progress Status” default setting
  • Fixed issue that triggers the Ticket Long “In Progress” Verifier bot if updates are made in the ticket
  • Fixed contact sync error between Hubspot and Autotask users
  • Fixed CUI Welcome email layout
  • Modified “step number” color scheme to red in the “Getting Started” page when data is incomplete
  • Fixed issue wherein the incorrect company name shows in the TruMethods Report
  • Fixed error that prevents the Autotask logo to display in the app
  • Updated Autotask dataset
  • Removed password column from the dataset page
  • Analyzed visibility and permission settings of the client usage dataset