Release Notes 1.20


  • Bot tabs PSA Status setting is set to “in-progress” as the status
  • Configured layout of Console in Bot Management
  • Updated Get Started pop-up page to jump to the current stage where it has not been completed by the admin
  • Resolved Alert bots triggering messages when bots are turned off
  • Fixed SQLAgent configuration data sync


  • Request function is added to the Dashboard, Integrations, and reports tab and is linked to the New Feature Request window (Important update for Client)
  • A hotfix on the Reports tab for a client that is missing “Bot” reports
  • Timezone under “Date column” is set to local date and time
  • Modified ‘In At’ function to only be available if the user failed to type “in”. Or does not have “IN” in the attendance status for the day (Important update for Client)
  • Hotfix for Teams Channel
  • Resolve New Feature Request window. All-New Feature Request entry will be posted in the Forum (Important update for Client)
  • A hotfix release on Autotask users to enable “show all integration” function
  • Changed location of "Disabled All Bots’ Messages after the switch function
  • A minor change in spelling for integration description “then” to “than”


  • Dataset and report working hours for QA Bot
  • Display Idle/In-progress time report for Autotask users
  • Cancelled the unregister process “How did you hear about us”
  • Enable detailed reports to load when selecting report name in the Reports tab
  • Fixed details in User Management to sync with profile information in the edit option
  • Fixed Interface data to load only the same Org ID in AAD in User management tab
  • Fixed usage utilization data report


  • Dataset and report working hours for QA Bot
  • Added new report layout for Bot Trigger report
  • QuickBooks Webconnector is configured with timing synchronization, data will automatically synchronize according to the timing cycle
  • Resolve New Feature Request auto-generated email acknowledging the receiving of the request
  • Update naming convention of Excess Idle Time Bot
  • Fixed duplicate user profile in attendance
  • Fixed Bug in MSPbots team apps duplicate message and message delay
  • Update naming convention of parameters in the bots
  • Fixed Attendance status indicator bug


  • Color coding feature added in Client Detailed Info report
  • Include Autotask details in the Client Detailed Info report
  • Resolved incomplete bot count issue
  • Resolved Idle time status bug


  • Uniformed Main boot switch to match the “show all integrations” switch
  • Added feature to inform clients that Tabs would “show no display” if integrations are not completed
  • Configured the account creation set-up for MSPbots Forum
  • Filter “” or “mspbots” company from the report records
  • Resolved Run Report function in the Reports tab
  • Fixed duplicate message sent to clients in the MSPbots teams app
  • Fixed Utilization report under Reports tab
  • Resolved Bug on Team Attendance and Teams sync issue


  • New Sorting arrangement of Integrations
  • Added Condition formatting settings in Client detailed info report
  • New feature: Alert pop-up window asking users to register before sending a New feature request in the app
  • Resolved Pivot table in the Utilization report for ITSasap client
  • Ability to select and de-select multiple names and bot type in the Reports Tab
  • Changes warning status in Teams for when the data has “No Manager Data Available”
  • Removed duplicate data of ConnectWise TimeEntry in Datasets


  • Added “Last Sign-in date” detail in the Client Detailed Info Reports (internal use)
  • Added color coding feature in Client Detailed Info report for “last sync date” data
  • Resolved data displayed in MR and MS In the Client Detailed Info reports
  • Resolved bug in the user mapping script which shows migrated user even if it was disabled in the User management settings


  • Resolved Bug in Timezone offset and update changes in the SQL
  • Added different values and data in the “Report > Bot-TriggerReport” graph and table summary
  • Resolved bug in the Filter option under the Reports tab
  • Resolved bug in the Client Detailed Info report as it was showing inaccurate data over the weekends
  • Fixed bug in resizing and switching to different tabs in the App


  • Added Total worked hours under the “Datasets-UtilizationDailyTotalHours”
  • Fixed bug in the Attendance board as it was not updating the users status
  • Added operation record log to record changes made in the bot switch
  • Task completed clearing the last sync time data of AutoTask and Contact science users
  • Fixed retract arrow option in the home page
  • Added Ticket Status Change record in the Reports tab
  • Added filter condition in the “ConnectWiseUtilization” Report


  • Included TimeEntry and URL ID in the “UserUtilizationReport”
  • Reduce the column width in the “ConnectWiseUtilizationDaily” Report
  • Resolved bug in Autotask tenant’s Attendance PSA default status settings
  • New Bot for Autotask: Excess Idle Time Verifier Bot is now available for Autotask clients
  • Resolved Bug in the Attendance board to not display disabled users
  • Added a date range filter in the AutotaskTickets Report
  • Resolved bug in Client detailed info report for ATD% as some clients are showing records beyond 100%
  • Synced Ticketing system Integration to show option in the Bots tab
  • Resolved bug in QuickBooks to hide the datasets if the integration was not configured by the client
  • Corrected Bot integration Description


  • Modified SQL to filter out by default record if the client’s name starts with “” and “MSPbots”
  • Added Conditional formating for Autotask user count in the Client detailed info report
  • Add ticket link to Time Entry ID data under “TimeEntry Datasets”
  • Included user’s Team data in the TimeEntry Datasets report
  • Modified Attendance board color scheme to match the buttons for each of the attendance status
  • Hide “Get Started” pop-up windows if it has been completed. Added the Get started button under the Settings tab
  • Added color-scheme in the “last sync date” data under Client detailed info report
  • Resolved ticket sync bug in the QA bot that would show a ticket that is still in-progress progress status
  • Updated Bot information to have accurate Created and Updated data
  • Resolved the “View” button in the Datasets tab to load the reports
  • Added color-scheme for Autotask PSA status in the Attendance board for tickets in different priorities
  • Resolved bug in the “Next Step Prompter” bot. Resolved configuration issue for triggering the message threshold