Release Notes 1.21


  • Enhanced the report in “Dataset-ConnectWiseTimeEntry” by adding more detailed information (i.e. TimeEntry ID, Actual Hours)
  • Resolved ConnectWise Daily Utilization report displaying no data issue
  • Fixed Utilization Reports Data Review for TimeEntry
  • Resolved the “Reported Bug” issue, as it was not sending out messages to MSPbots Bugs channel
  • New Feature for Role Management, clients can now assign new roles to users in the User Management Tab
  • Resolved Bug in the Last Sync Date color coding scheme as it was not accurately using the scheme due to TimeZones
  • Fixed Client Detailed Info report to show “Null” data in Team’s Last Sync info if AAD is not authorized
  • Fixed calculation results in the User Utilization Report
  • Fixed Dataset TimeEntry to show accurate data of user’s Team assignment


  • Added color-scheme for Client Detailed info report MS and MR column
  • Modified Color Status for Error messages in teams
  • Included Bot button in the Attendance Tab to show all Attendance type bots
  • Attendance board will display local Timezone of current user who is logged in to
  • Resolved business tables datateams_groups and datateams_channels which has no data to display
  • Fixed pivot table bug, Pivot is now displaying data without having to refresh the page
  • Changed buttons capitalization in the Attendance tab
  • Modify Dataset-ConnectwiseSchedule view layout
  • The report and dataset lists will now be filtered according to the permissions and role that the user belongs to


  • Released 3 New bots for Autotask clients
    • Excess Idle Time Verifier
    • Ticket long “in progress” verifier
    • Late Time Entry alert
  • ConnectWise TimeEntry performance-optimized on the backend
  • ConnectWise Ticket performance-optimized on the backend
  • ConnectWise performance-optimized on the backend
  • Implemented feature to count and/or sum up in the datasets
  • Modified Dataset-Office365ADusers to show valid data and use one timezone
  • Improved description of output data log
  • Resolved a Bug for one of our client on the Excess Idle Time verifier


  • Filtered duplicate entries in the ConnectWiseTimeEntry datasets
  • Removed Time in the Create and Update Date column in the Bots tab
  • Modified QA Bot feature: Determine whether there is a subtype under the user’s type, if not, do not check the subtype
  • Modified synchronization time limit to resolve ConnectWise Sync time bug issue
  • Resolved QA command on the bug report that has no message-id, and email is not sent to Teams bug report channel
  • Resolved sync data issue from Integration to Client detailed info reports
  • Resolved Bug on MSPbots app command for “break”
  • Resolved slow loading issue


  • Modified ConnectWise Ticket Dataset to disable the 1000 limit and add view filter on the grid and pivot table for the last 7 days of the ticket creation date
  • Synchronize and clean the Service Board and status in Datasets
  • Add Internal Notes field in the Datasets function
  • Added Service ticket KPIs in the Dashboard
  • Fixed Job title and Office location sync in the User Management tab
  • Fixed bug for ConnectWiseFlow dataset as it was not displaying any data
  • Fixed bug in the Client Detailed info report, as it was not displaying data for some of the fields


  • Fixed the Missing fields for Dashboard Gauge- Service Ticket KPIs
  • Added Filter option in Dataset-ConnectWiseTimeEntry for the Ticket Service Board field
  • Changed “New Feature Request” option to be on the upper right part of the window


  • New feature release in the Ticket Closure QA bot. Added ServiceBoard and ticket status parameters.
  • New Bot for CW users Ticket Closure QA - Schedule Check. Similar to TechStat Bot, this automatically checks the content of the QA bot and send the user a message at (X) minutes before the end of shift
  • Added the parameter (Service Board, status). The option is a drop-down menu
  • Fixed the Missing fields for Dashboard Gauge-Sales Data
  • Fixed Dashboard_StaffEST report to be visible to the users
  • Fixed bug in converting time zone for Created Bot detail


  • Fixed error message detail in the permission popup window
  • Auto-select user in the Dashboard gauge report
  • Modified tooltip words and link to the new feature request
  • Fixed bug in AAD Authorization status sync update
  • Fixed bug in the refresh function from the home page
  • Fixed bug in the Idle Time Verifier for Autotask integration


  • Created a dataset for each bot state: Bot Info Compare
  • Modified Line and Bar chart in Report gauge to support multiple categories
  • Add Ticket summary detail in the Schedule Acknowledgement Bot
  • Fixed bug in the Attendance icon from the Reports tab in MSPbots Team App
  • Fixed bug in the User Management profile sync
  • Fixed bug in UID for reviewing Real-Time report from the Bot alert messages
  • Fixed bug in the “Agreement” detail in TimeEntry Bot
  • Fixed bug in the AAD Authorization under the Get Started
  • Fixed 404 error on Autotask users when clicking the ticket number
  • Fixed bug in Next Stem Prompter bot
  • Fixed bug on the new feature request option in Home page
  • Fixed no last sync date data for Autotask user profile
  • Modified sync failed message for Teams in Integration tab


  • Modified the “Get Started” window in the Home screen, Hide the Get started when the client completes all steps
  • Created audit log to properly track parameter modifications made in the bots
  • Fixed bug in ‘real-time’ option in the bot message thru Teams
  • Added ‘Select All’ option in the team member list filter in the Bot Message report
  • Fixed the incorrect number display of role configs in the Edit User window in Attendance tab
  • Add additional columns in dataset


  • Newly created bots are highlighted with NEW icon
  • Fixed bug in ConnectWise Ticket Status Change report wherein some tickets are shown that have no changes in Ticket status
  • Added Last Login column in the User Management tab
  • Fixed bug wherein a user is not properly mapped on the Autotask User Mapping field in User Management tab


  • Added Check type, Check SubType and Check Configuration toggle switches on Ticket Closure QA and Ticket Closure QA - Schedule Check bots
  • Changed bar chart to a stacked bar chart display
  • Added tooltip verbiage on when to use the Load default button


  • Fixed synchronization issues with some erroneous data
  • Aligned MSPbots welcome message in both the General channel in MS Teams and the help functionality in MSPbots tab
  • Fixed bug in the Attached Agreement Prompter bot wherein Exclude type field is not working as expected