Release Notes 1.22

  • QuickBooks Online has been added into our Integration list
  • ConnectWise Time Entry and Tickets optimization
  • Created some Autotask Datasets
    • Ticket Statistics Last 14 Days
    • Contract Service Units
    • Invoice Data
    • Task Data
    • Contract Data
    • Contract Block
    • Opportunity Data
    • Phase
    • Department
    • Resource
  • Created some QuickBooks Datasets
    • QuickBooks Online Invoices
    • QuickBooks Destkop Customers
  • Implemented configuration in User Management window wherein the user email will only show if a connection with one of our integration programs has been established
  • Fixed bug feedback link not always appearing on bot trigger alerts


  • Added Time Entry ID and respective URL in ConnectWise Daily Utilization Report
  • Added Time Entry ID and Ticket ID with their respective URLs in ConnectWise
  • Added trendline on Bot Trigger report
  • Aligned status in both Ticket Long “In Progress” Verifier - AutoTask bot and PSA Status setting
  • Changed tooltip verbiage on Load default button
  • Fixed display bug in User Edit dialog box


  • Fixed bug wherein escalation is not working properly
  • Fixed bug in filtering by user field in Reports


  • Fixed several bugs in Idle Time Verifier bot wherein the bot sends out a notification even though a user already has a ticket in progress


  • Fixed bug on inaccurate display of QuickBooks On-Premise integration status


  • Optimized Idle Time Bot Verifier logic to send out alerts more accurately