Release Notes 1.23

  • Added Report Builder menu
  • Created some Autotask Datasets
    • Ticket Statistics Last 210 Days
    • Time Entry Last 210 Days
    • Project Data
    • Time Entry Last 14 Days
    • Survey Results
    • Member Data
    • Project Phases
    • Configuration Data
    • Contract Service Bundle Units
    • Service Call Ticket Resource
    • Service Call
    • Products
    • Roles
    • ClientPortalUsers
    • ResourceRoleQueues
    • ServiceLevelAgreementResults
    • ServiceCallTasks
    • ServiceCallTaskResource
    • ServiceBundles
  • Added Attendance, Manager, Title and Location columns in Work Schedule tab. Also added Enable and Disable attendance buttons.
  • Added Fields Description tab in Edit window of Datasets
  • Modified URL link on the Download button of ‘Download SQL Agent Installer’


  • Allowed users to see data upon clicking on the Detail button/s in the Integration page
  • Fixed bug in Getting Started window to correctly display which step has not yet been completed
  • Fixed bug in pie chart wherein clicking twice on any legend will make the pie chart disappear
  • Fixed bug in Time Entries Overlap Alert bot


  • User will now be redirected to the Bots page ( upon clicking on the link embedded on the bot names in the Bot Message Report


  • Added Status field in Bot Trigger Report

[Hotfix 4]

  • Implemented different color codes for the different statuses in the Reports and Datasets pages
  • Changed the sorting of permissions in the Integrations page
  • Implemented toggle switch on the Attendance column in the Work Schedule tab under Attendance page
  • Fixed bug in Fields Description under Edit mode of a dataset wherein when a user clicks on the Add New Row button, instead of only (1) row, (2) rows are added

[Hotfix 6]

  • Removed the welcome message being sent out by the MSPBots in MS Teams whenever a new user is added to a channel

[Hotfix 7]

  • Added ability to export datasets and reports (Excel, PDF and CSV formats)
  • Fixed bug in Next Step Prompter bot wherein the Escalate toggle switch can be enabled even though both the Trigger and Alert toggle switches are disabled
  • Improved default verbiage of Remote vs. Travel Time Entry Verifier bot

[Hotfix 8]

  • Made some changes in the Bot Trigger report
    • Changed date format from YYYY-MM-DD to MM/DD/YYYY
    • Only display MM-DD formats in the table
  • Made some changes in the Bots page
    • Renamed Bot Message Report to Message Report
    • Renamed Bot Trigger Report to Trigger Report
    • Added Usage Report in between Trigger Report and PSA Status Setting
  • Added link on the Bot Usage Report in the Reports page
  • Changed column icon on the columns in Bots, Reports and Datasets pages
  • Time displayed in Attendance Board page should now reflect the user’s time
  • Changed logic in Tech Stats Reviewer to exclude sending out an overlap prompt on time entries when there is just an overlap in seconds

[Hotfix 9]

  • Added Manager filter in the Attendance Board page
    • When selecting a specific manager, only employees directly reporting to that manager are displayed
  • Fixed bug in Ticket Closure QA bot wherein it sends out an alert even though the type, subtype, configuration or a combination of those (3) have been filled out