Release Notes 1.24

  • Users will now be able to clone reports
  • New ‘Ticket Open Task Prompter’ bot has been developed
    • This bot will be triggered when a technician sets the status of a specific ticket to ‘Completed’ or any similar status, but a task associated to that ticket is still open
    • This helps to improve the quality control process of a company, which in turn will help managers focus more on urgent tasks
  • Removed editing and deleting capabilities for Admins. They can now only view reports moving forward


  • Added ‘Work Roles’ and ‘Work Types’ filters in the Short Time Entry Verifier bot
    • Admins will now have the ability to filter which specific work roles and work types will receive bot messages
  • A manager’s name and picture will now be included in the Attendance Board page when using the Manager dropdown box filter
  • Fixed bug in Idle Time Verifier bot wherein it sends out an alert message even though a ticket was already in progress
  • Fixed bug in Reports page wherein ‘Show All Integrations’ tick box is not working properly


  • Fixed bug wherein Get Started dialog box pops up repeatedly in Step 3


  • Users will now be able to see a tooltip indicating their company name, email address and role/s associated to them when highlighting their name on the upper right part of the page


  • Manager and member dropdown boxes, including the recursive tick box have been rearranged in the Attendance Board page


  • Fixed bug in Pivot table field list setting wherein adding or removing a certain field does not save automatically
  • Fixed bug wherein Delete button is not working as expected under the Reports page


  • Added watermark texts under the Ticket Type and Ticket Status drop down boxes in the Ticket Open Task Prompter bot


  • Added functionality wherein users will not be allowed to delete all rows


  • Fixed logic to exclude API users being shown in all datasets. Moving forward, only real people will be shown
  • Fixed bug to properly display the correct ticket number format for Autotask users
  • Added headers for each widget
  • Improved logic of Ticket Resolution prompter bot
  • Fixed bug wherein the Get Started data is not syncing properly


  • Added Escalation Bot Only tick box and Manager selection box on the Bot Trigger Report
  • Fixed bug wherein no welcome email is received by a client


  • Added company name and company ID in the ConnectWise Agreements dataset


  • Changed font color of “Real-time” and “let us know” links to allow users to easily distinguish that they are clickable links


  • Made improvements on the pop-up configuration
  • Made changes to the font color of the statuses in the Integrations page. Also changed the look of some buttons as well.
  • Fixed bug wherein the setting of the pivot table in the ConnectWise Daily Utilization Report has been lost