Release Notes 1.28


  • Design a new QA Bot to enable users to modify parameters and alert options
  • Modified Short Time Entry Bot to filter out work type and work role
  • Added Start and End time parameter in the TimeEntry - After Business hours bot
  • Included Include work type name parameter in the TimeEntry - Late Onsite Time Entry alert bot
  • New Integration added: Xero
  • Added Data fetch feature to Xero integration
  • New features for Bots 3.0
    • Added New Bot wizard page
  • Data filter option list
  • If the new Bot design under settings only has 1 script, then a pop-up warning will be displayed on the user’s end
  • Added pop-up window when users disable both Alert and Trigger switch
    • Will prompt to provide info why they wish to disable the feature
  • Updated parameter on Scheduled Ticket not Acknowledge Bot on when to send the message alert


  • Updated Dataset Integration to reflect the correct integration name
  • Added “data cleaning” field to set Refresh type to Materialize view
  • Added Field type description with a drop-down menu option
  • Fixed bug in the Utilization % for the Tech Stats Reviewer Bot
  • Fixed bug in the data grid and pivot table has not data under Datasets
  • Removed the refresh frequency to save and report an error under Datasets


  • Dataset preview page enhancement
  • Added function “Check SQL” to preview data
  • Included Ticket number in the In-Progress bot messages
  • Added Last Sync date data of components in Datasets tab
  • Fixed bug in contact detail sync from MSPbots database to Hubspot
  • Fixed bug in Teams integration sync error code for expired MFA token code


  • Made dropdown icon from the homepage bold. To make it visible for the clients to see
  • Added view only permission under configuration option
  • Paraphrase Datasets-SQL error message
  • Adjusted dataset description field not break the words


  • Updated Dataset URL to reflect the same report.
  • Fixed naming convention for Bot Usage Report.
  • Fixed identified a bug when creating a process gauge.
  • Fixed identified a bug in the Attendance bot where user status is not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed bug on User Management tab where no users are being shown.


  • Fixed an issue on the Attendance Bot where users were unable to login.)
  • Fixed a bug where new MSPBots signups are not displaying on the app