Release Notes 1.31

  • Background logic enhancements of Next Ticket Dashboard and improved and its user interface.
  • Added ‘Back Up Disaster Recovery Software’ in Get Started page for new users.
  • Added ‘Remove Duplicate’ checkbox in the ‘Widget Builder’ screen to only display distinct values on the chosen dataset.
  • Modification of user permissions of the ‘Add’ button in Bots 3.0.
  • Creation of the ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons in Bot Design for Bots 3.0 app.
  • Fixed the date and time filters of the Widget Builder to follow the user’s time zone.
  • Removed the ‘Back to NextTicket’ button in Next Ticket since individual tabs within the app are already being generated for each section.
  • Added the ‘Watch List’ rule in Next Ticket settings.
  • Fixed a bug in the Widget Builder where the edit and delete functions are not working.
  • Fixed a bug in datasets where a duplicate dataset with the same name is being allowed to be used.
  • Made the initial screen popup for new signups a required screen that has to be accomplished prior to getting in the MSPbots app.
  • Fixed a bug in the Widget Builder where clicking the ‘X’ button also saves the changes instead of just closing the window.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Reject Next Ticket’ is not functioning if there are multiple tickets with the same score appears on the list of Next Ticket.
  • Created drop down menus for Member skills in Next Ticket Settings.
  • Adjusted the logic of the query feature of Next Ticket where if only 1 item appears on the query, the ‘Reject Next Ticket’ should be disabled.
  • Removed duplicated rules in Next Ticket Settings.
  • Polished the default rules set in Next Ticket Settings to be more logical.
  • Improved the syncing of the current and old ticket notes in ConnectWise to Next Ticket.
  • Reworded the rule description under ‘Customer Responded’ in Next Ticket Settings.
  • Cleaned system generated descriptions inside text boxes in Next Ticket Settings.
  • Fixed an identified bug in Next Ticket where ticket filter conditions are not being followed.
  • User interface cleanups of unnecessary icons, font sizes modifications and creation of scroll bars in Next Ticket.
  • Optimized the page reload time when saving Next Ticket Settings.
  • Creation of Bots 3.0 landing page in MSPbots app with descriptions for each item.


  • Corrected an user identified error from a Bot Message hyperlink.
  • Fixed a bug in the Widget Builder where adding column display filters are generating an error.
  • Fixed a bug in Widget Builder where the ‘Expand All’ slider button is not working.
  • Corrected typographical errors in creating a new Report.
  • Fixed a bug in Widgets where the drill through feature when clicking on the created widget is not working.


  • Adjusted the size of Widget drill-through window by 95% of the browser.
  • Added Link to the name of each Widget for improved user experience.
  • Added number formats 1k, %, and currency formatting of Widgets.
  • Fixed a bug with Ticket Resolution Prompter bot triggering incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug with Tech Stats Reviewer Bot not triggering when user is in Lunch status
  • Fixed a bug where error occurs when doing drill-through of Bar Chart Widgets


  • Added links to Widget names making views easier.
  • Improved user visual of information in Integration details page.
  • Added progress indicator on loading page to enhance user interface.
  • Added Widget for daily active user of Attendance.
  • Fixed a bug with the Attendance Board incorrectly displaying tickets that has been Resolved.
  • Fixed misspelled check-box label in Date Filter Widget.
  • Fixed a bug with Widget Drill through incorrectly formatting dates.
  • Fixed a bug with Widgets incorrectly allowing users with extra permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with Work Schedule incorrectly having “0 per page” view option.


  • Enhanced Super Admin interface, now allows switching views into a specific user identity or switch to a specific role
  • Enhanced Super Admin interface, displays list of users when Switched to a Client view
  • Enhanced Super Admin interface to allow quick revert to own permission access.
  • Fixed a bug with internal dataset for ConnectWise integrations showing empty values.
  • Fixed a bug with Widget date filter showing incorrect list of filters.


  • Enhanced exported format of Widget from string into integer to match the number.
  • Fixed a bug with time zone conversion feature incorrectly displaying “null” values
  • Fixed a bug with date-worked time entry in Autotask integration incorrectly showing “null” values
  • Fixed a bug with Reporting feature incorrectly displaying report templates in development stage.
  • Add New Report Incorrectly Prompting that Name Already Exists


  • Fixed an issue with syncing contact details after sign up
  • Fixed a bug for Autotask integration where report is locked for editing after cloning
  • Fixed a bug where reports in Alpha stage and are without associated Integration are incorrectly displaying in User view
  • Added 2 decimal places to Widget number formatting
  • Fixed a bug where disabled users are not displaying in User Management when Show Disabled User switch is on
  • Fixed a bug where an Admin incorrectly disabled own User


  • User interface enhancements for font wrapping on tables in MSPbots app.
  • Fixed a bug in MSPbots Reports where internal test reports used during app development are showing on the client’s access.
  • Added the clone feature to MSPbots Reports.
  • Fixed an identified bug in the ‘Design’ feature for MSPbots Reports section where added widgets on the report cannot be deleted.