Release Notes 1.34


  • Creation of Tooltips to notify MSPbots App users of new features.
  • Created the ability for clients to specify their own “In Progress” ticket status as being used in their respective PSA.
  • Created a client ‘Watch List’ reminder in ‘Next Ticket’ to give priority points to companies that are on this list.
  • Created a feature for ‘Bots 3.0’ enabling users to choose message templates with an option to edit.
  • Created a ‘Read Only’ user type in Bots 3.0.
  • Added Ready, Received, and Read counters for ‘Bots 3.0’ for ease of visibility on usage.
  • Made the Bot ‘Name’ field in Bots 3.0 a required field when adding a template.

Bug Fixes

  • Background enhancements on reducing redundant codes to increase app performance.
  • Fixed the bug for the drop-down box for ‘Scheduled Status’ in ‘Next Ticket’ enabling more than 1 selection.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where removing a dataset does not clear the ‘Filters’ and its contents.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where messages are being displayed outside of defined text boundaries within the MSPbots app.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where if the ‘User’ type is selected, no details are being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where a dropdown box length exceeded outside its current window.
  • Fixed typographical errors found in Bots 3.0.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where created custom font formats on messages are reverted back to original when a message is sent.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where a newly created channel in Teams is not showing in the MSPbots App.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where disabled users can be selected in the App.
  • Fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where alerts thru emails are not being sent.


  • Created a function where the MSPbots app will automatically detect and disable client users that are not AutoTask or ConnectWise users.
  • Added a “Weekly” option on the Schedule section of Bots 3.0.
  • Fixed Date calculation errors identified in creating Widgets.
  • Coding enhancements on MSPbots ‘Widgets’ on referencing data coming from a ‘Bot’.
  • Added a required text field in Getting Started page for new users if ‘Google Search’ or ‘Friends Referral’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’.
  • Improved MSPbots App page loading through code optimizations for retrieving datasets.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘executeSql’ code is being displayed outside the predefined code text box in Widget creation.
  • Fixed a bug in the Widget Builder bar charts where different values are not represented accurately.
  • Fixed a bug in Widgets Process Gauge where a predefined number will automatically be placed if the maximum value is left blank.


  • Added Hyperlinks for AutoTask tickets in Widgets.
  • Worked on background enhancements on Widgets to decrease load time.
  • Identified and fixed a bug in Bots 3.0 where the ‘Subject’ field for email alerts does not accept any text inputs.
  • Adjusted text alignments in the ‘Bug Report’ section of Bots 3.0.
  • Logic and code enhancements in Bots on getting data from multiple widgets.
  • Fixed a bug in Widgets where the drill through function generates an error in the MSPbots app.
  • Fixed a bug on the Service Dashboard where no data is being displayed if the reference data is too large.
  • Fixed a bug in Datasets where it appears to be loaded continuously.
  • Removed the permission prompt when editing reports when the user already has the appropriate access.


  • Added a feature to give users an option to display column totals for Grid Type Widgets.
  • Added more Datasets for QuickBooks Online future additional functions.
  • Added the word ‘Loading’ when the page is still busy pulling data in Widgets.
  • Removed the ability of MSPbots Admin users to disable their own user accounts in the App.
  • Background enhancements on page loading time for Widgets Lists.
  • Enhanced page loading time when ‘Show all integrations’ in the Widgets section is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where internal MSPbots employees are appearing on the client’s user list.
  • MSPbots Attendance bug fix where users input command in MS Teams is not synched to the App.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Show all integrations’ in ‘Bots’ is intermittently not functioning.
  • Fixed a bug in MSPbots App Home Dashboard where the ‘7 Days Generated Messages by Bots’ is not loading properly.
  • User interface enhancements where icons are disappearing when the left pane of the MSPbots App is in collapsed view.
  • Fixed a bug in Datasets where payroll entries are not available to be used.


  • Added the feature to group by day for grid Widgets.
  • Enhanced user interface by changing the color scheme in Widget Bar charts to distinguish different items.
  • Reworded window descriptions in Bots 3.0.
  • Modified the ‘Add’ button in Bots to be unavailable for users without the appropriate permissions.
  • Fixed a bug where the MSPbots App Homepage does not display if being accessed from ‘Reports’ section of the App.
  • User interface cleanup of MSPbots App icons that are not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Attendance App where users are being displayed as N/A.
  • Cleaned the user interface for bar type Widgets by removing the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis labels.
  • Fixed a bug on the ‘Clone’ function in Reports where a cloned report is not appearing on the list of created reports.
  • Fixed a bug in Widget Builder where using the slicer function would make the MSPbots App unresponsive.


  • Created a text autofit function for lengthy column descriptions in MSPbots Widgets Builder.
  • Cleaned messages generated by Bots by removing unrelated sentences.
  • Modified the ‘Get Started’ page to not include the list of disabled users when choosing an additional MSPbots Admin.
  • Fixed a bug where a Report does not display the same value as being shown in a Widget.
  • Fixed a bug in MSPbots App User Management where the list will automatically shrink just by selecting any item when using Firefox as a browser.


  • Background fixes for “Token renewal operation failed due to timeout” error and internal notifications when it occurs.
  • Granted full editing permissions to the “Design” button for Missed Schedule Bot if the user is an Admin.
  • Fixed a bug in Widget Builder where no data is being displayed in the ‘Measure’ portion of the ‘Config’ page.
  • Fixed a bug in creating graphic Widgets where clicking the Apply button would generate an error.
  • Fixed a bug where the new sign-up users are displayed as N/A in MSPbots Attendance.
  • Fixed a bug in Widgets where opening pie charts does contain any data.
  • Fixed a bug in Service Tickets KPIs report where 2 pie charts cannot be opened at the same time.


  • Created a prompt box that would display to the user which modules are being used by a Dataset or Widgets when deleting.
  • Enhanced the user interface of Widgets by removing the label name of the aggregation selected located on the bottom portion of a created Grid Widget.
  • User interface improvement by correcting the missing Date/Time icon in Widgets Builder.
  • Corrected the logic in Reports to properly sort displayed items in columns from ascending to descending and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate entries of users where created in a client’s MSPbots User Management.
  • User interface enhancements by correcting typographical errors identified in the ‘Bots’ section of the App.


  • Created item labels in Widget Builder for ease of use.
  • Added a text box for keywords used locate MSPbots in ‘Getting Started’ if Google Search is selected.
  • User interface enhancements on icon visibility.
  • Bug fixes in Widget Builder where a created widget’s column names are not updating.
  • User interface enhancements where Widget within Widget Builder is being obscured by window borders.
  • Bug fixes on user-created Widget and Reports where the ‘Delete’ function is not working.
  • Bug fixes in the User Management section of the App where duplicate users can be found.


  • Bug fixes on Pie Chart Widgets where drilling through the data displays a different set of information.
  • Fixed an identified bug in Widgets where sections labelled as ‘NULL’ would contain values when drilling through.
  • Bug fixes on Teams integration where the MSPbots is requiring users to sign in every time Teams is relaunched.
  • Bug fixes on the sum aggregate function in Widgets where it does not function as intended.
  • Bug fixes on Widgets where specific columns are not displaying any data.
  • Background enhancements on MSPbots App loading times.


  • Logic enhancements for the ‘Group By’ function in Widget Builder.
  • Bug fixes for the ‘Measure’ function in Widget Builder where no results are displaying when saved.
  • Script enhancements for Pie Chart Widgets on switching values between X and Y axis.
  • Fixed a bug where the Add or Clone function in Widgets and Reports would show an error page.
  • Bug fixes on Dashboard Reports where only 1 Widget is being displayed.
  • Logic and coding enhancements for Pie Chart Widgets to display correct pie chart values based on the dataset used.
  • Bug fixes in the ‘Drill Through’ function in Widgets where data that will be displayed is different from what is requested.


  • User Interface enhancements on highlighting buttons in Bots 3.0.
  • Background script improvements on Datasets where some fields are missing and a few SQL links are not working.
  • Fixed a bug where some template Widgets are not displaying for other clients.
  • Fixed a bug in Widgets where no data is being displayed for ‘Billable % Today/Week/Month’, ‘Resp 7 Day & Kill Rate Breakdown’, and ‘Average Time To Resolution’.
  • Fixed a user interface bug in Widgets Builder where the ‘Visibility’ icon is not visible in grid type widgets.