Release Notes 1.37


  • Improved UI to show the widgets that are modified by a user.
  • Successfully integrated Smileback integration.
  • Improved client health bot to capture the needs of the end-user.
  • Continuous improvement on the data synchronization and performance of the application.
  • Additional features have been added to the installation process of MSPbots to improve user experience.
  • User interface improvements for the Bot Designer page to increase the usability of the app.
  • Enhancement on the user interface to add a column to show who last modified a widget.
  • User interface improvements on the Widget Dashboard to show the last sync time.
  • User interface Enhancements to improve the functionality of the bots.
  • Adjust the editing permission of the application based on the user role for added security.
  • Optimisation of large data by creating a partition on the backend database.
  • Additional user interface enhancements on the Bot Store feature of the app.
  • Fixed the user interface of the format text option on the Bot alert page.
  • Improved the user interface Integrations page to improve customer experience.
  • Improve the user experience when creating a new Bot to automatically pop up the trigger page.
  • Fixed the delete filter button on the Trigger module page.
  • Fixed a bug wherein Smileback integration is visible on the client’s accounts.
  • Optimized the synchronization of data when a large volume of data is loaded.
  • User interface improvements to display the labels on the Bot page to fit the screen.
  • Improvements on the functionality when creating a Bot.
  • Added validation to make sure that it won’t save if the required fields are empty.
  • Fixed a bug to save the correct type of Bot.
  • Added a validation error to inform the user that the filter fields should not be empty.
  • Added a search functionality on the column fields to improve user experience.


  • Added columns to identify the creator and who last modified the Bot.
  • Fixed a bug wherein when the page is reloaded the time on the tables are also updated.
  • Fixed a Bot logic on the "Missed Scheduled Alert’ Bot.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Bots are unable to send messages on the Teams Chat, Channels and user email.


  • Fixed a bug to only show the integrations that are connected to the client’s account.
  • Fixed a bug on the ‘Tech Stat Reviewer’ Bot to capture the correct utilization report.
  • Fixed a bug wherein upon clicking the ‘Ready’, ‘Read’ and ‘Received’ numbers on the Bot page, it will display the messages sent by the Bot.
  • Improved the user experience by fixing the fields to accept user input on the Alert page to search for Datasets that can be used when creating a Bot.
  • Fixed the display of long texts to autofit on the columns table.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the hyperlink on the email message sent is missing or not working.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the date format sent on the email is not consistent with the format set on the Widget.


  • Fixed a bug wherein the time format is not being converted to the user’s timezone.
  • Added more column tables on the Bot page to display the ‘Created by’ and ‘Updated by’.
  • Released a new feature to display the number of Bots used by Widgets and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug to auto adjust the column table to fit on the screen.
  • Fixed the terms used on the Escalation Steps page to be more self-explanatory.
  • Fixed the date format to be consistent in all the Bot messages.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the HTML tag is being shown instead of hyperlinks.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the bot is sending notifications in an incorrect channel.
  • Optimized the datasets used to improve the loading time of the app.
  • Fixed the date format on the bot notification message.


  • Multiple drop-down list option has been added as a new functionality of the app.
  • Fixed the message on the integration page to display the complete error message.
  • Additional user view to easily check the Bot or Widget linked to the Dataset.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the icon of the preview data of the Widget is missing.


  • Fixed a bug wherein a Report is not showing any data.
  • Added an alert message when a Dataset is deleted.
  • Fixed a bug wherein Data is not syncing properly in the MSPbots application.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the hyperlinks on the Bot Notification message is not working.


  • TBG Mapping feature has been added to our Financial application.
  • Added an enhancement to rename the X and Y axis in a bar or column chart.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the drill through is not functioning properly.
  • Optimized data synchronization on MSPbots application.
  • Optimized the loading time of the MSPbots app.


  • Added a tooltip to provide more information on the datasets.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Bot is not sending messages to the user.
  • Fixed a bug wherein no users are showing up on the attendance page.
  • Fixed a bug wherein no data is displayed on the drill through of the Widget.


  • Fixed a bug wherein duplicate names are visible in the TBG Mapping of our Financial App.


  • Improved the user interface and functionality of the Financial application.
  • Additional CW tables were added to capture all the data.
  • Fixed the data sync issue to improve the data accuracy of the MSPbots application.
  • Additional enhancements were done on the Widget builder page to accommodate changes in the Measure function.