Release Notes 1.39


  • Setup the data sync integration to only run once a night for Idle clients.
  • Modified the 404 notification view when new updates of the MSPbots application is being deployed.
  • Synchronized the ‘Bills’ Table from Quickbooks to our Financial Application.
  • Fixed the data synchronization issue of Connectwise Tickets.
  • Additional Connectwise Tables has been added in the Dataset to synchronize the data from the API.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the Dataset tab when on the List view.
  • Fixed the date format function of the Grid and Card Number Widget.
  • Improved the Jira API integration to the MSPbots application.
  • Fixed a bug on the TreeMap and Hierarchy Grid to be compatible with the Number format.
  • Optimized the components of the value in the filter drop-down.
  • Synchronous migration has been implemented for ConnectWise users.
  • Improved the drop-down slicer functionality by auto-selecting all the options and can be customized based on the users need.
  • Improved the user interface of the Dataset page which now supports multi-view.
  • Enhanced the design of the tooltip like the bubble speech.
  • Fixed a bug where a tenant cannot be deleted on the MSPbots application.
  • Fixed a bug where the Benchmark function is not working on the Widget Builder page.
  • Fixed a bug where the Attendance application is showing Idle on the user status.
  • Fixed a bug on the Report where multiple Widgets displays no data.
  • Fixed a bug where the Integration error page is displaying an incorrect value.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dataset page is consistent with the design.
  • Fixed a bug where the Time Display is not correctly formatted.
  • Fixed the ‘Last Modified’ and ‘Last Synced’ format to be consistent on the other pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the user interface of the icon of the ListView matches the design on the drop-down selection.
  • Fixed the sorting functionality of the Datasets based on the customers’ needs.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting by Creator on the Dataset page is not working.
  • Enhanced the user interface by adjusting the spaces of the switch view on the Dataset page.
  • Enhanced the user interface by making sure that the distance of the buttons from the page header is consistent in all the pages.
  • Enhanced the user experience by making the Sorting functionality of the MSPbots application not case-sensitive.


  • Added ‘Balance Sheet’ as an additional pairing in the Financial Application.
  • Improved the user interface by making sure that the spaces and the font sizes are consistent on every page.
  • Improved the drill-through of the Pie Graph by displaying the grid values.
  • Enhanced the slicer feature by accepting a string that contains special characters.
  • Added validation on the Attendance board by not allowing the End Time to be Earlier than the Start Time when assigning Shift Schedule.


  • Improved the user interface of the Data source management.
  • Improved the functionality of the Attendance Schedule template to mirror the user’s timezone.
  • Allowed multiple logics to be used for user filter.
  • Revamp the ConnectWise Late Time Entry Detail Widget design for our tenants.
  • Tweaked the display of data on the bar chart by showing two decimal numbers.
  • Polish up the display of the Value percentage of the Widgets.
  • Improved the integration to the ConnectWise Datasource by removing additional security layers.
  • Added a column to link the Bot and Widget that uses a specific dataset.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the Reports to autofit the labels in the Widgets.
  • Improved the user experience by delivering the Bot modification requests from our client DSTech.
  • Fixed the Date Format display on the Widgets.


  • An additional feature has been added on the Attendance board to auto-logout users at 12 AM who missed logging out on their scheduled shifts.
  • Additional filters have been included in the ‘Time’ section in the Widget filters.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the newly added filters in the Widget.
  • Additional enhancements on editing the user roles in the User Management.
  • Enhancement on the messaging when submitting an adjustment on the Time Entry.
  • Fixed an API integration to allow the fetching of data from one of our Tenants.
  • Fixed a bug when clocking In and Out of MSPbots.
  • Fixed a bug in the user board not mapping to ConnectWise.
  • Fixed a bug wherein when editing a specific Widget, it switches on another Widget.
  • Fixed a bug where the Histogram format doesn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Clock In Reminder Bot 2.0 is not sending notification 5 minutes before the user Start Time of shift.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bot will automatically Clock out the user and update the user status on the Attendance board.


  • Improved the loading performance of the Reports page.
  • Added a Widget on the Client Health Report to display the number of Disabled users per tenant.
  • Additional ConnectWise tables have been included to sync with Clients data.
  • Fixed the data sync issue on the ConnectWise integration.
  • Improved the readability of the labels on the Widgets to auto-resize and fit into the window.
  • Fixed a bug where the query builder is disrupted when cloning a Widget.
  • Improved the user experience by matching the Bot Messaging to the Clients Timezone.


  • Fixed a bug where no data is showing on the drill-through when the Widgets use the ‘Group by’ dates.
  • Displayed a 16-week range on the ConnectWise Late Time Entry Trending Report to better visualize the MSP trends.
  • Fixed a bug where the Attendance status Bot messages are not sending messages to users Home Channel.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘User with Message Switch Off’ Widget is displaying an incorrect value.


  • Continuously optimizing the synchronization of integrated apps to MSPbots application.
  • Added labels on the Widgets included on the Late Time Entry Analysis Report.
  • Escalation columns added on the Widget - CW Late Time Entry Details Last 7 Day.
  • Fixed a bug where the bar chart is not showing any data.


  • Fixed the bug in the Calculate Layer functionality of the Widget to accept Number format.
  • Fixed the number format of the Report by removing unnecessary numbers.
  • Fixed the calculation logic of the Financial Report to fetch data on the correct time range.
  • Additional integrations are now supported in MSPbots Application.


  • New ConnectWise tables have been added to the MSPbots Application to better visualize data.
  • Fixed the Summary Filter on the Bot Trigger page.
  • Fixed a Connectwise Dataset issue to display the correct data on the Widgets.


  • Improved the performance of data querying by using Materialized View to source data for a Paginated API.
  • Additional ConnectWise tables are included on the production data to support more Widget requests from clients.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Back’ Button on the Advanced Query Builder is not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the editing functionality of the Form List is returning an error.
  • Fixed a bug where the drill-through data is inconsistent with the displayed data on the graph.
  • Fixed a bug where the data on drill-through is not consistent with the data on the graph.