Release Notes 1.45

Release Notes 1.45

A variety of new ways to view your reports is now live on the MSPbots App! Now you'll be able to visualize your data the way you want it and get data on the dot. Check out the release notes!

Highlights Summary:

Funnel, a new widget design, is already available where you can easily visualize your data if how many items get through each stage of a funnel.

Release note 1.45 Funnel Widget
Added a new refresh feature on Widgets and Reports to manually refresh the data when needed.
Release Note 1.45 Manual Refresh

The bar graph widget now supports more flexibilities. Here is an example of a new capability that can stack multiple measures on a single column with a measure line.

Release note 1.45 bar graph widget
The Late Time Entry Analysis App added a setting where you can exclude specific people and work types that you don’t want to include in your late time entry metrics:

Release Notes 1.45 Late Time Entry exclusions

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