Suggestions for Next Ticket

We are new to Next Ticket so maybe some of this already exists, but if so it’s not easy to find:

  1. Fix the home button to allow Next Ticket to be set as the home page. (I think it was removed because it doesn’t worrk and I had created a support ticket about it). I would really like it to be fixed.

  2. Change the watch list to include a field for points for each client. That way instead of all clients on the watchlist getting the same points, we can assign points per client.

  3. Add an auto-refresh option to the Next Ticket screen. Make it so the user has to toggle it on every time, and maybe have it time out after X number of minutes if the user is not actively using the app. We have users that would like to have the screen stay relevant when they are in the list view. If you do not add it then they will us e a browser based refresh. I assume you don’t have it because it add more resource needs, but a browser plugin could be worse as you have no control of it.

  4. Add a column chooser to the list view. For example, we have no need for Company ID. I know the columns are dynamic, so this may not be possible, but wanted to ask.

  5. Is there a way to rename a rules template? If not can you add that?

  6. Rules such as “Assigned User Due Date” are confusing because they have multiple selections such as due date and assigned user. If I don’t want the assigned user to matter then I must select all possible users, according to my training, and this doesn’t logically make sense to me. There needs to be a separate rule for only due date.

Thank you

@Chris_Horning , awesome suggestions! I will ask @James_Jiang who’s our product manager to review the list, create the design, post it here for you to review, then add it to the dev queue to get them developed! Thanks!

@Chris_Horning : thanks for your ideas. please see the following reply, and hope to get your feedback.

  1. it is supported now. pls go to next ticke APP to set homepage, if you can not see this button, pls get help from your admin to set next ticket APP homepage for you.

  2. good idea, I am thinking if we can support let user to select company in this rule. I will talk with dev.

BTW, If you want to use it right away, please use this rule temporarily.

  1. next ticket APP has no any data you need to refresh automatically. so could you please clarify with me why you need auto-refresh? and what is mean of “We have users that would like to have the screen stay relevant when they are in the list view.”?

  2. it is like my schedule list, you need the column option in the list view?

  3. good idea, we will do it.

  4. good idea. This rule will support that you do not need to select the assign user field, if it is not selected, it will not use the assigned user field for calculation, if it is selected, it will be calculated according to the option.

Hi James,

  1. Yes we have the home button, but when you set Next Ticket as the home page you get the following error when logging in or pressing home. We were told by support that this is not supported. I am assigned a license and can go to Apps > Next Ticket. This error only happens when logging in or pressing home.


  1. Sounds good
  2. We have users that want to have a relatively up to date list of tickets sorted by Next Ticket. Currently they just click the Request Next Ticket button to manually update the list. So basically we want an option to refresh the list, just like clicking the button, on a repeating basis, maybe once a minute. So basically treating it more like a dashboard. I’m ok with it not being on by default, but maybe having an option to turn on auto-refresh when needed.
  3. Yes, having a column chooser on the list view would be nice. This would be a low priority request.
  4. Thank you
  5. Thank you

hi @Chris_Horning

  1. we will double check this issue, thanks for your reply
  2. ok, got. we will provide such autorefresh switch, request next ticket automatically.