Continuum API - Help needed

We are in the process of developing dashboards and bots for Continuum, but we can’t get support from ConnectWise since support is only available to those who enrolled/availed of the Invent program which costs $5000 with a 6% revenue share.

We have the Continuum - Reporting API REST Resources PDF documentation but its last update was June 02, 2020. We were able to use this API documentation to create 22 datasets and 8 Widgets.

We are currently missing the following dataset in order to create more dashboards and bots to automate the employee training and accountability for Continuum

  • Reporting Patch Status
  • OS Patches Missing
  • Recover Pooled Cloud
  • Recover Offsite Backup
  • Webroot Protection Status
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Recover Local Backup
  • Recover Appliances Summary
  • Endpoint Performance
  • Executive Reporting Warranty Details
  • Endpoint Summary
  • OS Patches Installed
  • Help Desk Incidents
  • Monthly Patches Summary
  • OS Patch Installed
  • OS Patch Status
  • OS Patch Compliance

If you know some kind of tricks to get the most recent API doc or pull the datasets, please let us know, send an email to

Thank you!