[General Feature] 3CX Integration

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Summary: 3CX Integration

Description: We would like an integration with 3CX in order to see how many calls our dispatchers are taking daily and missing daily to track their metrics.

Why: To show the utilization for dispatchers and coordinators.

Priority: Medium

Hi Delaney,
Thank you for your request. I’ve created a ticket HELP-6594 for your 3cx Integration request and you may view it here: https://support.mspbots.ai. Just to inform you that we’ll set this request as backlog. We’ll change the priority of your request once we got enough request for the same integration from other clients. For now, please browse and cast your vote here Integration Roadmap poll for integration/s that might catch your attention.
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We would love to see 3CX integration as well. Our team currently has to sign in and out of the support telephone queue in our 3CX system. It would be awesome if the MSPBots Attendance module could sign our team into the 3CX call queues when they tell the Attendance module they are IN, and be signed out temporarily when they go on a BREAK.