[General Feature] Allow an "Attendance" manager to approve and set time off and look at time in the Attendance App

Summary: Allow an “Attendance” manager to approve and set time off and look at time in the Attendance App

Description: Being able to designate the “Attendance” person would allow HR to handle time off requests and time change requests without the manager needing to log in and do it. It would also allow an assistant manager to take over duties if the manager is the one that goes on vacation.

Why: Time off requests are what turn the bots off while people are away, which is very important for mental health. Additionally, having someone to help support the manager with time requests will allow for faster response time, and allowing a dedicated person to go through and clear all the time update requests will help streamline time for better utilization in the bot.

Priority: Medium

@Katalia , I will ask the product manager to review the request and add it to the dev queue. They will reach out if there are any clarification questions. Thanks!

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hello @Katalia
I am very glad to hear your voice. please let me share what I understand based on your description. actually You need a dialog to set a multi-user approval process, multiple person can approve flow, right? pls advise, thanks

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Hi @James_Jiang!

What you’re showing in that picture would be amazing. Basically we need a way to add people who are not managers to approve time sheet changes and add PTO for other members. For instance, if HR Jessica needs to add time off for Tech Bob so Bob doesn’t get notices, she can do that without having to send the request to the manager. If we could get what you pictured in there, that would alleviate the issue of the manager trying to find the time to handle what HR would normally take care of.