[General Feature] ARUBA CENTRAL integration

Summary: ARUBA CENTRAL integration

Description: Need kpi to

  • for my msp : follow network problems in real time on TV
  • for my customer : add widgets to the vCIO dashboard

    Why: To
  • business continuity of my client
  • give better service and visibility

    Priority: High


We have a long list of the integration backlog, you can help to make it easier by:

  1. Help us to get a contact from the vendor by doing some intro.
  2. Help us to get a sandbox account and API documents.
  3. Since we don’t have any knowledge about software, so we will need your help to identify which datasets we should get from API.
  4. What’s the use case from those datasets, what kind of widgets do you want from the integration? What kind of bots that you need to create from the integration?

The more detailed information that we can get, the easier it will be, then we can move the integration to a higher priority.