[General Feature] Custom Teams command

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Summary: Custom Teams command

Description: Our help desk technicians triage tickets daily they would like to use Teams to type ‘triage’ as a command and have the bot return the triage stats for the day. Users leave at different times and we cannot schedule the bot to run at the user’s end time because of the varying schedules. I already created the bot to do this and it messages but want to have an on-demand Teams command please.

Why: Our team relies on their triage statistics and tracks them daily on their time sheet. This saves them from logging into MSPbots or using stale data from the scheduled bot message in Teams.

Priority: Low

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for reaching out.

I’ve created a ticket HELP-11426 and you may view it by signing in here: https://support.mspbots.ai/. We’ll set this ticket as a feature request that will go through the process of review/for approval/development/release with no ETA. I will provide you an update whenever available. Your patience is greatly appreciated.



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