[General Feature] Dashboard - option to hide widget title

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Summary: Dashboard - option to hide widget title

Description: Hi Support, would it be possible to have an option on a dashboard to hide the title of the widget. This would allow a cleaner dashboard and have the footers, labels and axis of the various widgets, to explain the data being shown.

Why: When (shortly) broadcasting to a TV, there is space being used to display truncated widget titles when it’s not necessary. We have a naming convention for widgets so we can search and easily identify what they are for, but the display on a dashboard makes a mess.
Example, widgets named the following, show the same first set of characters that fit on the dashboard:
Tickets - Assigned - Slicer - Live
Tickets - Hours - Last 8 Weeks
Tickets - In Progress - Live
Tickets - In Progress - Live - All Technicians
Tickets - Mark Done - Sliver - Live
Tickets - Onsites - Live
Tickets - Resolved Today - Slicer - Live
Time - Labour Current Week
Time - On Time Entries - Live
Time - Avg Resolution - Last 7 Days
Time - Recorded Labour - Current Week
Time - Tech Admin - Slicer - Live

Priority: Low

Hi Rob!

This is Jack, PM here for the BI side. We are in the process of redesigning the UI/UX and I have included your comments as a feature enhancement for our new design for our designers to include. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! If you have any additional feedback on the UI/UX, please continue to post it on the forum.