[General Feature] Deputy Integration. It is not only our time tracker, but payroll processor, scheduler and also HR system

Summary: I would like to integrate with Deputy; it is not only our time tracker, but payroll processor, staff scheduler and also HR system.

Description: I would like to integrate with Deputy; it is not only our time tracker, but payroll processor, staff scheduler and also HR system.

Why: Attendance and related time entries are a key reason I was looking at this product. Deputy is a pretty big company too and they have lots of integration partners so I assume they have an API to connect with.

Priority: High

Link: Scheduling, Timesheet & Time Clock Software - Deputy

Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting your feature request.

We do have a roadmap for developing integrations to some time tracking and attendance software, but Deputy is not yet on that list.

If you are an MSP, the options that I see are:

  1. Once we get enough interest/ votes for your desired Integration, we will include it on our product roadmap and will be in the ‘queue’. The estimated release date will be determined by then.
  2. We are currently running a VIP Program where we help clients to switch over from their existing software/ solution. Depending on the type of integration, the scope of work, the number of resources, and the amount of time needed, we will determine any possible cost to help with the full switch.
  3. Our software has a built-in Attendance feature that some of our existing clients are using for time tracking and staff scheduler, plus Reporting and Automation. It’s not yet developed for payroll and HR systems though.

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This will help us know more about you and your organization to see what options we could facilitate for you to get this feature.

Best regards,

I am a new user, just starting out exploring it. I like it so far, looks perfect. However, unless I am missing something, using a timekeeping solution with integration is critical for this to work right?

This is a point of friction in adopting your product. Your system is heavily dependent on time, so you are basically saying we cannot use this system unless we change our timeclock provider and by extension, our HR solution.

You support OnTheClock but not Deputy which is rather strange as tons of organizations including several majors use Deputy. I’m not necessarily married to their timeclock system (and it would be nice to be able to do that directly in Connectwise or Teams), but the HR portion is huge and it is seamless and ensure compliance with breaks/lunches are tracked properly. Paychecks are calculated automatically and then direct deposited, all the taxes are handled too. It integrates seamlessly with our 401K system, as well as Healthcare Insurance provider.

This is a pretty big barrier to entry it appears; I suspect this kind of situation is going to be a barrier to entry for ALL potential customers unless you have integration with their provider(s) due to the nature of time dependence a system like yours inherently has.

Bummer, the system looked really slick.

Hi Brian:

Thanks for submitting a request! MSPbots is focusing on data-driven process automation, timekeeping is a small portion of processes that we are focusing on. Since we are still in Beta, we didn’t spend enough time on the website, training material, and knowledgebase, they still need a lot of improvement. I think it is better to schedule a demo with us so we share some of the experiences and best practices we learned from more than 400 MSPs signed up so far.

For example, most companies who use a reporting system like Brighgauge, have trouble finding time to keep monitoring and alert the managers or employees when there is a problem identified by the reports. We worked with some BrightGuage users to automate the gauges monitoring, alerting process, they really like it.

As for the deputy, I took a look at their API, we should have no problem integrating it so we can export the time-keeping data directly to the payroll. The issue here is the priority, We have about 30-40 integration requests from MSPs in our dev backlog, even we have a 40 people dev team and keep hiring, it is still a pretty long dev queue, considering how many reports, bots we also need to develop for each integration, we determine the priority by how many requests that we receive to justify the development cost, after all, we are still a for-profit company even the software is free right now because it is still in beta.

I will send you a PM to see if we can schedule a meeting to discuss more in detail.

Oh, well that may be better then if the time element is as central. Much of the pain points I am trying to fix revolve around ticket status changes, scheduled time expectations, and logged time expectations. Perhaps those can be done despite the timeclock element not being working for me.

I totally get it on the dev backlog, just thought it was odd that OnTheClock was higher priority but water under the bridge. I’m sure there are others that people need just as much if not more too.

I will play with it more.