[General Feature] Ticket Portal Button

Summary: Ticket Portal Button

Description: It would be helpful to have a button within the MSPbots site to quickly access the Ticket Portal.

Why: Make support tickets more easily accessible.

Priority: Low

@Joshua_Mejia , can you send a screenshot or a mockup design so we can better understand the request? Thanks!

Hi Daniel,

I’ve attached an image with the top right being indicated by a red rectangle. Something up here that I could click on to access the Ticket Portal. Maybe even a button between KB and Request New Feature that says “Tickets” or “Support Portal”. Would be fine under the account info too if you clicked on my account thumbnail. Just anywhere that would make it convenient to access the Ticket Support Portal without having to bookmark a separate site or finding an old case e-mail to use the contained links.

@Joshua_Mejia , yes, that’s a great idea, we are talking about building our own dashboard inside MSPbots and linking to the Jira service portal.

We will ask the Dev team to get this one down. Thanks!